Composite Materials

H.J. Hansen Nedbrydning A/S also takes care of your composite materials

A composite material is defined as a material composed of at least two different materials, which are not always individually suitable for construction purposes, but which, when combined, result in a material of high strength and rigidity.

Over the years, industry has developed basic materials for many different contexts and structures. This is why composite materials have become more popular in recent decades, with increasing numbers of materials, by-products and obsolete items in need of recycling after use.

Today, composite materials are still used for a number of purposes including applications involving wind turbines, ships and boats, building materials and tanks, as well as containers.

For many years now, H.J. Hansen has been heavily involved in meeting this challenge. Working with larger industrial companies, we have come up with solutions that convert hazardous waste into useful and reusable resources.

This strong commitment to development work comes naturally to H.J. Hansen and expresses the philosophy and attitudes that underlie everything we do.